It’s generally safe to tow cars during summer, spring, and autumn. But come winter, things get more challenging. As a matter of fact, you must be doubly prepared during the winter season as the terrain is icier and more slippery than ever. Worse, the tow company may take more time than usual to get to your location to assist you. To ensure that you won’t have more problem than what you can bear when driving during the winter season, keep a tool kit in your car. You should also have adequate food and water just in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

You already know what to do to drive safely during winter. Change the wiper blades and ensure that your brake is working flawlessly before the winter season arrives. Make sure that your car can totally withstand the snow storm and icy conditions before driving outside.

Winter Road Conditions

The road conditions during the winter can be very tricky and not all drivers know how to safely drive on icy roads. For that, the tool kit that you have in your car should be complete. Make sure that you have a first aid kit, some flares, a jack, and spare tire with you. Again, your car’s wiper should be in the best condition and that there’s enough brake fluid in your car before you go out on a long journey.

When driving during the winter, you have to pay special attention to black ice. Always check the road that you’re treading. Be mindful of any change in traction as your tires might be skidding instead of rolling. You have to stay focused when driving and constantly check the rearview mirrors. If your tires are spraying, then road may be wet. Adjust the way that you drive accordingly.

Winter Towing Tips

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, call your towing service provider immediately. Don’t attempt to drive or push the car much further as you may get into a bigger problem than what you’re currently having. Just try to pull over to the right shoulder as that’s the safest place for you and your car to be. Once there, turn the wheel away from the street so as to prevent your car from rolling.

Give accurate details to the towing company so that they can come and help you as soon as they can. Turn your hazard lights on for the Freo tow truck driver can spot you easily. Doing so will also warn other drivers about your situation. Don’t get out of your car too hastily. Ensure that the road is clear before getting out. If you think that the area is not safe, don’t get out of the car at all. But if your engine is smoking, then you should leave the car immediately but as safely as you can.

The winter season definitely poses new challenges for every driver and that includes the tow truck driver too. Be sure that everyone’s safe. Don’t try driving around on icy roads unless there’s an urgent need to. Otherwise, just stay inside your home and be safe. Wait for the snow storm to pass before heading out.